You deserve the life you want. We will help you build it.

Kevo Properties is about giving you the best training, mentorship, and team support.

Realestate agent shows house to a lovely couple
Realestate agent shows house to a lovely couple

Real Estate is a broken industry. Let’s fix it. Together.

If we’re honest, consumers are being ripped off, agents are lousy communicators, and training programs suck. Steve Burris harnessed his passion, anger, and extensive experience with the industry when he created Kevo as a “fix” to the system in 2010. Today, Kevo properties has more than 200+ REALTORS® collaborating to give clients better real estate results and experiences. His secret to success? Put the REALTORS® first and give them the highest level of training, mentorship, and team support. Success follows. You can build the life you want by being a confident, well-trained real estate agent. Are you ready to get started?

Control Your Career

Build Your Life

Double Your Income

Frustrated over home buying a man puts his hands on his head.

Do you feel like your life needs to be fixed too?

  • No control over your schedule or life…
  • Can’t win and escape the 9-to-5…
  • Never enough time or money…
  • Dreading Mondays…

The most important thing “about us?”

We were just like you.

We remember what it was like to feel trapped in the cycle of never enough time, money, or freedom.

That’s why we’re changing the industry with successful part-time agents.

Photo of a happy person

“Kevo Properties gave me the power to make my own raise instead of asking my boss. I left that job and have never been happier.”

– Happy Agent

Photo of a happy person

“I wanted to make extra cash to travel more. What I found a Kevo Properties was a whole new life. I’m still a part-time agent but I make full-time money.”

– Successful Agent

Realestate agent shows house to a lovely couple

Watch The Webinar: How To Make Money in Real Estate

What do you get?

Today, Kevo Properties boasts 200+ Real Estate Agents giving clients better results and experiences. As a Kevo Agent, you’ll join this team and get:

Realestate agent shows house to a lovely couple

Expert Training

Mentorship — You’ll be paired with an experienced agent in the field and taught our proven framework for success in real estate.

Training — Kevo provides a powerful, non-traditional training program that ensures you’ll start and grow your business. Even if you’re starting from scratch, regardless of your experience, knowledge, or education.

Broker Journey — You looking to start a brokerage of your own? We guide you through the steps of your very own broker journey and teach you what you’ll need to succeed.

Team-building Program – First you’ll learn how to get your business off the ground but then, we’ll teach you how to scale your business with teams and team members.

Training Boot Camps – Kevo offers you quarterly boot camps to show you how to jump start your new career and keep it growing to build the life you want.

Realestate agent shows house to a lovely couple

Outstanding Culture

Quarterly Contest — You’ll participate in our quarterly incentive contents to help reinforce successful activities.

Quarterly Family Events — Kevo believes in investing in your family and building a community, not just a sales force.

Monthly Happy Hours — Work hard, play hard. Enough said.

Company Meetings — We use this opportunity to bring everyone together for training, industry & company updates, as well as recognizing your wins! Psst… there’ll be food and free shirts.

Team Environment — You won’t find the ‘cutthroat’ atmosphere that is synonymous with sales industries. We prefer to build a team instead.

Realestate agent shows house to a lovely couple

Technology & Support

Firstly — NO FEES. And free office space.

Processing Team – At no cost to you, Kevo provides experienced processors to handle all the documentation and compliance required in a transaction.

Kevo Commission Software – Kevo has developed a proprietary software that helps you keep your finger on the pulse of your business unlike any other company.

DotLoop – Kevo provides a paperless documentation system, again, at no cost to you.

Fast Commission Payments — Exactly how it sounds.

Team Support – Your time can be limited as a part-time agent but we won’t let that hold you back.. Working on a Kevo team allows you to utilize other professionals so you can leverage the limited time you have.