You can make more money & keep your full-time job!

We help you build a successful part-time real estate career with proven frameworks and powerful training.

Realestate agent shows house to a lovely couple

Control Your Career

Build Your Life

Double Your Income

Frustrated over home buying a man puts his hands on his head.

Is this you right now?

  • No control over your schedule or life…
  • Can’t win and escape the 9-to-5…
  • Never enough time or money…
  • Dreading Mondays…

You In Control

Kevo Properties will give you your life back. You control your schedule, work as much as you want, and make the money you deserve.

Expert Training that’s Fun

Your non-traditional field training is taught by real estate veterans who succeed when you do. You’re never more than five minutes away from answers to your questions.

The Life You Want

You might want extra cash. You might want a lake house. Real estate gives you the life you want by giving you more time, more freedom, and more money.

We were like you — miserable in a job and dreaming of something more.

More time. More Money. More Freedom.

That’s why we’re changing the industry with successful part-time agents.

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“Kevo Properties gave me the power to make my own raise instead of asking my boss. I left that job and have never been happier.”

– Happy Agent

Photo of a happy person

“I wanted to make extra cash to travel more. What I found a Kevo Properties was a whole new life. I’m still a part-time agent but I make full-time money.”

– Successful Agent

Annual Sales Volume

You won’t be alone at one of the largest brokerages in Oklahoma.

150+ Agents Per Year

You can trust that onboarding and training will be smooth and easy.

70+ Field Trainers

You won’t be forgotten or ignored because our mentors succeed when you do.

How Kevo Works Differently.

Unlike other real estate brokerages, Kevo helps you succeed through custom online training (that’s actually enjoyable) and non-traditional field training.

Realestate agent shows house to a lovely couple

1. Get Licensed

If you don’t already have your Oklahoma real estate license take our easy online course at [UNIVERSITY LINK]. Have questions first? Let’s schedule a call or have coffee and chat.

Realestate agent shows house to a lovely couple

2. Get a Mentor

Our non-traditional field training and proven framework mean you are never without help. You’ll join your mentor’s team and learn everything you need to succeed.

Realestate agent shows house to a lovely couple

3. Get Busy

Whether you are a nurse, a teacher, a cop, a mom, or whatever — you can earn more money, time, and freedom by building a successful part-time real estate career.

You can build the life you want.

We all want to be in control of our lives — to call the shots and make it what we want. We want more time. More money. More freedom.

You can build that life with a part-time real estate career. If you’re worried real estate won’t work for you, trust that Kevo Properties is really just a whole team of people just like you. We started real estate careers and learned from our mistakes. Then we built proven frameworks and non-traditional training to help you build the life you want, too.

You deserve the life you want. And we will help you escape the endless cycle of never enough money, time, or freedom.

Realestate agent shows house to a lovely couple
Realestate agent shows house to a lovely couple

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